Planning & Design

Our process



Site visit and client


Develop proposal
for client’s review


Finalize specifics,
initiate construction

Close your eyes and take a moment to visualize your finished landscape. What do you see?

A picturesque view of the lake to greet you

The oversized flag pathway to your perfect view

The natural aesthetics of hand-picked Muskoka granite

Spacious steps to your tranquil place

A gorgeous sunset from your relaxing Muskoka Chairs

Outdoor spaces in landscaping are often an extension of your indoor living. For example, do you entertaining guests outdoors? Or, do you enjoy stepping outside to the warmth of a fire on a summer night? We craft spaces that are in harmony with your lifestyle.

Our planning extends to practical considerations such as choosing plants and shrubs that thrive in your property’s soil. Flowers add a unique beauty to landscapes and have the most impact when matched to the sunlight your property provides.

Lakeside brings you the experience to creatively design a plan for your next outdoor living project!

Shrubs and trees are often the finishing touches of a beautiful property.

They enhance your landscape with balance and add life to the view.